FAQ's and Support Documentation for Ascend.

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Ascend FAQ's

For questions about Ascend and the service we provide.

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Email Setup + G Suite

1 article


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Online Giving

3 articles

Site Design

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Helpful Resources

We love passing along helpful (mostly free!) services that we know will help you out.

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Website Structure

How to make adjustments to the overall website.(ie. menus, footer, header, etc.)

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Images + Graphics

Information on how to find, crop and use images on the site.

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Website Content

Instructions and tips on how to add and organize your content.

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Home Page

How to edit and navigate the homepage including the homepage banner(s), drivers etc.

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User Management

How to manage your website users. (ie. Add, edit, delete, suspend, etc.)

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About Section

How to add content, images, files and subpages to the About section.

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Events + Calendar

How to add, organize and edit your events and calendar.

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News + Blog Sections

How to add, edit, remove and manage your news and blog posts.

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Collections + Programs (Ministries)

How to add, edit, remove and manage your church ministries, and other Collections.

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Sermon Audio + Video Player

How to edit and manage the sermon player with both audio and video.

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Info on our built-in newsletter feature our newsletter feature and how it works.

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